Macías Gómez & Asociados was born with a main goal: to innovate and help to get to know a new branch of Law known as Corporate Environmental Law, which emerges from the new environmental institutional framework created in Colombia in 1993.  

After being the Chief of the Legal Office at the Ministry of Environment (the environmental state agency, currently known as Ministerio del Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible) Luis Fernando Macías saw that there was a need for specialized Corporate Environmental Law firms that could provide legal counsel to the environmental sector, allowing the protection of the environment through the defense of the legal order.

Consequently, in July 1997, Macías Gómez & Asociados became the first Colombian Law Firm specialized in Corporate Environmental Law. Its main objective was to develop legal strategies that would allow Corporations to defend their interests while respecting the legal order and protecting the environment. Additionally, it would allow the minimization of potential environmental legal risks.

Furthermore, Macías Gómez & Asociados provides legal counsel and determines legal strategies for its clients within the development of sanctioning and judicial procedures, among other services.

Attributes such as time, responsibility, knowledge, discipline, professionalism, ethics and quality have allowed Macías Gómez & Asociados to  become the largest Colombian Law Firm specialized in Corporate Environmental Law.

Given the completeness of the Environmental Law and as a result of the professional practice, coupled with the necessity to introduce the technical knowledge in the legal interpretation, the Firm has nurtured itself from other branches of Law and other sciences, which has led to a legal synergy.