As part of our social responsability, the firm is a member of the Colombian Probono Foundation since 2009, an organization  that promotes access to justice through free advice and consultancy from well recognized Colombian Law Firms to people with no means to access that consultancy otherwise.

Throughout the years, Macías Gómez & Asociados has undertaken several cases regarding fundamental rights litigation, legal actions around colombian collective rights such us the right to a healthy environment, and has held different workshops about environmental law, recycling and public space use, in partnership with the Foundation and the Universidad del Rosario. This workshops has been targeted  towards special social groups, and focused on children and the elderly.

Macías Gómez was awarded Probono Firm of the year 2016 and currently, our lawyers are advising around 17 probono cases regarding different legal issues from vulnerable people.


Since 2017, the Firm is a member of the worlwide Trustlaw Connect Program from the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

TrustLaw is a service of pro global bond through which non-governmental and entrepreneurial organizations are connected with the best law firms around the world. In addition, the program launchs legal research which help to improve the understanding of laws and public policies and programs that advance legislative reforms around the world.

Currently, our team advises one case regarding legal settlements in forestry reserve zone in Colombia.

ECO-CIUDADANO (the new citizen): Eco-ciudadano is the citizen that incorporates within its rights and obligations a way to live together democratically in a society that promotes sustainable development.